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Occupational Therapy

Effective occupational therapy can be instrumental in maintaining independence at home. RX Home Health Services, Inc.‘ team of occupational therapists have an excellent track record in providing therapy to patients to assist them in regaining the skills needed to function independently such as dressing, eating, toileting and bathing. We work closely with their physician to develop activities that will restore their ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL’s). We will:

  • Adapt the tools used in daily living (eating utensils, dressing devices)
  • Provide exercises that will promote ADL re-training
  • Provide fine-motor skill training
  • Provide neuro-developmental sensory treatment
  • Provide perceptual motor training

Medicare guidelines require that during the first 60 days of home health care, occupational therapy must be provided in conjunction with skilled nursing or physical therapy or speech therapy. For more information, please call Drake Torrado with RX Home Health Services, Inc. at 305-865-2244. He will be happy to explain the Medicare guidelines for home health care services.

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